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General Translation Services

Access Japan provides competitively priced Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation services.

Our General Translation service is ideal for the translation of web sites or e-mail correspondence - where it is often more important to capture the "essence'" - rather than to render a strict literal or legal translation. In General Translation we endeavour to retain the original nuance of your copy, whilst ensuring that the final translation observes any cultural sensitivities and is pitched appropriately to your target audience.

Our Japanese translation services are performed by translators who are proficient and comfortable with both English and Japanese. They are the result of a close collaboration between a native Japanese speaker and a native English speaker - ensuring that a timely, accurate and reliable translation is achieved.

All of our General Translations are proofread by a native speaker of the target language. If you need a "literal" or "legal" translation of an English or a Japanese document you might like to take a closer look at our Specialist Translation Services.

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