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Web Design and Site Development

If your business does not have a web site then Access Japan would be pleased to design and build one for you. We design both Japanese and English web sites.

Typically, you would supply us with copies of photos and other promotional material for inclusion in your new web site. If you don't have promotional material we can write the copy and produce the graphics for your web site.

We can do most of our graphics and special effects in-house. This means that our graphics can be optimised to load quickly and, where possible, use colour-safe palettes to maximise compatibility across different platforms. If you have special requirements that we are unable to fulfill in-house we would be happy to coordinate the services of a graphical designer or programmer to meet your special needs.

We use a combination of hand coding and layout software to produce our web pages at Access Japan. This ensures maximum compatibility with different web browsers and environments. The use of layout software such as DreamWeaver and FrontPage ensures the most efficient use of our time. We also use HTML validators on all of our work to ensure adherence to HTML standards.

Our web sites have appropriate meta tag keywords and meta tag descriptions to facilitate listing on search engines and directory services. We also ensure that text links are present for all pages on your site so that it can be effectively "spidered" by search engine robots.

We understand that it is important for you to know how much your web site is likely to cost before you commit. We are happy to consult with you about your needs before you incur any charges. Please e-mail us at for further details.


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