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The Japanese market can be quite fickle and the entry costs can be prohibitive - particularly for small business with limited budgets. A Japanese web site can be a very cost effective strategy to present your products and services directly to Japanese consumers.

A Japanese web site facilitates listing on Japanese search engines and Japanese directory services - allowing Japanese consumers to search for, and read about, your products and services in their own language.

Access Japan can translate all or part of your existing English web site into Japanese using your existing layout and graphics. Our web site translation service includes the translation of your English text and your menu system into Japanese. We also translate meta tag keywords and descriptions into Japanese and provide you with the links to and from your English web site.

We use a native English speaker and a native Japanese speaker for our Japanese web site translations to preserve the original meaning and nuance. We respect Japanese cultural sensitivities and we will advise you if a faithful rendition is not appropriate. Your Japanese web site will be designed to appeal to your targeted Japanese audience

We would be happy to provide you with an estimate to translate your existing English web site into Japanese. Please e-mail us at for further details.



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